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Our Promise

We have a lot of fun in this business, but we take our job very seriously. We understand that your reputation is literally in our hands and we don’t take that lightly. We want to be your first call for canning solutions. To do so, we will consistently hold ourselves to the following standards:

Service – You will always have a friendly and professional experience

  • We respond to any and every inquiry as fast as we can – we will do everything possible to answer your inquiry within 12 hours
  • We only charge you for what you use – we fill, label, and package your product inline, reducing wasted cans and removing the need to store excess product
  • Our rates are competitive and often beat the industry standard

Cleanliness – You can trust our equipment will arrive to your site at the highest standard of clean

  • We maintain a dedicated cleaning regimen before and after each canning run
  • We use Hygenia ATP meter and Super Swabs to ensure our equipment is free of any biological stowaways
  • Our equipment is made from stainless steel allowing for caustic cleaning products and more thorough cleaning (CIP)

Operating Excellence – We will do everything within our power to make sure our equipment is in optimal condition

  • We adhere to a strict preventative maintenance schedule to keep our canning line operating at its best at all times
  • We maintain an inventory of critical parts in case we need to replace components in the middle of a canning run

Transparency – Good business starts with honesty and openness, everything recorded, no discrepancy

  • We monitor the conditions of your product using the Anton Paar CBOX to test for dissolved oxygen, carbonation levels, and temperature remove any discrepancy in product conditions
  • At regular intervals throughout each canning run, we inspect and record can seams and oxygen levels to ensure all packaged product is within acceptable specifications
  • Our Canning Line, the Cask Mobile ACS tracks every can that passes through the system removing any discrepancy in fill counts