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Mobile Canning

We put a great deal of research into choosing our canning line. After talking to many industry experts, we discovered many pinch points in the industry and found a system custom-built to solve them. Fortunately, our friends at Cask Global Canning Systems were one step ahead of us and had already proven their prototype Mobile ACS. Local Canning has the first one on the west coast and the fifth one launched in the world!

With our canning system, we can fit into any space, quickly and safely to can your product, and get out faster than any other mobile canner in BC.

Our Canning Line (Johnny 5)

Choosing a canning line is easy when you have the folks who invented micro-canning one province over. Alberta-based Cask Global Canning Systems has been around since 1995, and they know canning. 

The freshly released Mobile ACS (Automated Canning System)  incorporates Cask’s years of expertise and distills it into one beautiful, industry-leading canning system.

The Mobile ACS is compact, clean, and purpose-built for mobile canning:

  • Versatile: Fills almost any can size
  • Fast: up to 40 can-per-minute speed
  • Quality: Industry-leading dissolved oxygen pickup
  • Clean: Stainless steel construction for cleaning confidence

Have a look for yourself: Cask Global Canning Solutions Mobile ACS