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We Are Local

We’re passionate about “Local”, in every sense of the word, and we want you to know that. That’s why we put it out there, in our name, for everyone to see. Local means more than just where you are; it’s an understanding that wherever you do business, you affect the local community – socially, economically, and environmentally. With every can we fill, we strive to positively impact your “Local”. 

Local Canning Ltd. uses the highest standard equipment, operating practices, and service – giving your products the best opportunity to reach the market with the same high quality and care by which you produced them.

By choosing Local Canning Ltd., you’re selecting a canning partner who is passionate about protecting your liquid, how it got there, and where it’s going.

The Guy Behind it All

Mike Ansley – Founder, Managing Director, Craft Enthusiast

You may have seen him before. If you’ve been watching the Craft Beverage industry over the years, you’ve probably met him, read his articles, or followed him on Instagram. He’s been cheering the team for some time now.

Since 2014, Mike has been a faithful supporter, writer, promoter, collaborator, and overall fanatic of the BC Craft Industry. Inspired by the struggle and pandemic of 2020, Mike didn’t sit idle as he saw beverage producers working overtime to get their product to the market. He picked up the phone and asked how he could help.  The answer was a resounding “Help us get our product into cans!!!” Mike answered the call, put his head down, and got to work.

Fuelled by his passion for supporting the local Craft Beverage industry, and applying his career experience as a Project Manager, he dusted off his business degree and created a plan. Eight months later, Local Canning Ltd. is on the road May 2021. 

Call him today!

Mike Ansley
Managing Partner